Pictured Above: Black God [photo by Jenna Madonia]

Considering how much fun I had at the inaugural Louisville Is Dead fest last year, I was naturally fuckin’ stoked going in to the festival’s second rendition last weekend. The lineup was packed with familiar bands that I know and love, the event had been moved to Art Sanctuary (a venue closer to my house that I’d never stepped foot in), and I of course was looking forward to catching up with friends I don’t see that often. But what had me particularly excited about LID was having a chance to get better acquainted with a few bands that I wasn’t overly familiar with. 

I arrived on Saturday just in time to catch Good People, a newer band I wasn’t aware of that sounds heavily inspired by early 90’s grunge rock. Hell yeah, this was the perfect way to start my LID experience. Since watching them, I’ve been blasting their Black Roses EP on Bandcamp (“Lilith” is such a killer track!). Later, I really enjoyed watching Shi, a doom metal band that Syd had written about in the past, but aside from his words and briefly listening to their EP I knew next to nothing about them. I was really into their vibe as they loudly plowed through their set full of chunky, thick-as-fuck chug-chug riffs. 

Another band that I’m just getting to know is Rarebit, a new-ish throwback indie rock troupe that gleefully reminds me of bands from yesteryear like Crain and/or Rye Coalition. They played sometime later Saturday evening, and in doing so proceeded to blow me the fuck away. Seriously, don’t sleep on these dudes, they’re on to something really cool.

I’ve also got to mention how much fun punk rock trio Shark Sandwich was on Sunday afternoon. The band is fronted by a charismatic young lady singer/guitarist that couldn’t be older than 16 or 17 (didn’t get her name), but despite her youth she held the attention of everyone in the room. As I watched them, I thought to myself “These kids are already doing something cooler than I’ve ever done.” Can’t wait to hear more from them!

Black God and Dick Titty Blood Punch were personal highlights as they are a couple of my favorite active punk bands in Louisville. While these two groups have completely different approaches from one another, they each had me feeling a similar high as they blasted through their sets. Their performances gave me a recharge that I didn’t know I badly needed. 

My only regret is having to miss Boner City, one of my absolute favorite bands who might have played their final show as the Sunday evening headliner. I’m sure they were great, and it’s a bummer not seeing them one last time, but when you gotta work early in the morning, whaterryagunnadew? Thanks a lot, adulthood.

Thankfully, Lonnie Turner was able to get some footage of Boner City’s set. Check it out below:

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