We are elated to present director Mike Thompson‘s highly anticipated short horror film IRIS! After making a slew of fantastic music videos, he opted to switch things up a bit with Iris which stars Shelby Taylor Mullins (who we know from HBTVS‘s Raimi-esque horror short A Brush With Death), Chris Petty, Tory L. Beckham & Romell Weaver (aka RMLLW2LLZ). Thomas Johns serves as director of photography while Tim Miller provides the ominous, glitchy score.

What’s Iris about? Well, without giving too much away, a young lady (played by Taylor Mullins) is being held at a police station after her house burned down killing her entire family. While being questioned by a doctor (played by Petty), things start to get… weird. The story is simple, but it’s best if you watch it yourself. What I can say is that throughout the flick’s nine and a half minute duration, I was feeling a major David Lynch meets David Fincher vibe, which is absolutely right up our alley.

Watch Iris below:

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