Your day is better with a little Julie of the Wolves in it, who bring the goods like they were born to. There is an airy calm that informs the mid-section of the track, punctuated by a strong sense of dynamic movement, and plenty of moments that require enthusiastic sing alongs. You pump your fist to this and shout at the darkness, not taking shit from anyone. There are so many great changes in this song, all of which sound completely earnest and earned, the work of experienced sonic crafters, boss ladies of badassery. Part of the Lady Parts comp by Desperate Spirits out of Lexington, the fact that all of the proceeds on this track go to help the Kentucky Health Justice Network just makes this track that much more righteous.

Listen below and try not to get too pumped, unless you’re at the gym. This is probably best when you want that extra push to lift something or run a little harder. Get it, y’all.


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