Work Shirt

Work Shirt

Finally, Louisville has a band for the workin’ folk. Allow me to introduce Work Shirt, a trio of dudes that make groovy instrumental indie rock songs that are, according to their Bandcamp page, fueled by “bourbon, tobacco, cannabis, and an honest day’s work.” Hell yeah, I just clocked out from my day job, so I’m fuckin’ ready.

The band is set to release their debut album Hours of Operation in the near future. To give us a taste, the band put a song in the rock and roll vending machine for you and me to snack on. The track is called “Conveyer Belt”, and it has a major early Fugazi feel to it. The song mostly centers around a Joe Lally-esque bass groove, and mostly stays put giving you a chance to kick off your boots, put your feet up, and enjoy.

Work Shirt is Elliott Turton, Clayton Ray, and David Wright. Listen to “Conveyer Belt” below:

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