Baby Bones What Do I Do

Baby Bones What Do I Do

A month or so ago, Baby Bones released a limited edition cassingle via Gubbey Records featuring a new song called “What Do I Do”. I was lucky enough to get myself a copy, but for those of you that weren’t so fortunate, the song is now streaming on Spotify and Apple Music.

Here’s what the cassingle looked like:

The new track, while it doesn’t immediately sound like anything the band did on their debut EP, manages to keep the same vibe. “What Do I Do” opens up sounding like Karp with a banging uptempo beat, simplistic heavy guitar and monotone shouting. Then, the song takes a dramatic turn evolving into something that sounds like a B-side from the Alice In Chains record with the three-legged dog on the cover. This may sound strange, but it works really well. The latest from Baby Bones is a fuckin’ banger, no doubt about it.

Checkout “What Do I Do” below on Spotify:

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