REVIEW: Tyler Lance Walker Gill – “Tyler Lance Walker Gill”

Tyler Lance Walker Gill
Tyler Lance Walker Gill

Live music is back baybeee! My first real experience was this past weekend at a backyard birthday party. Tyler Lance Walker Gill played a wildly entertaining 2 hour set and left everyone full of an undefinable energy we haven’t experienced in over a year. While I was enjoying the festivities I remembered that Never Nervous didn’t exist when his album came out, so why not revisit it? I have a few thoughts…

TLWG’s self-titled debut album is a raucous trip through honky tonk heaven. Move over former WWF intercontinental champion Honky Tonk Man, there’s a new Honky Tonk Man in town. I mean, they did play in an Ohio Valley Wrestling ring during quarantine. 

You’ve probably already heard, “So Called Christian Politician” but if you haven’t you should. It’s a song with a classic country feel that rips a bunch of politicians a new asshole. That being said, the album is also plenty full of fun and charm with ass-shaking tracks like “January” and “Go To Hell.” 

I can’t recommend this album enough to all country fans, or even any person who even has a curiosity for Honky Tonk or classic country. Dip your toe in with TLWG, the water’s just fine.

Listen to the debut album from Tyler Lance Walker Gill below on Spotify:

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