Tour Movie

Tour Movie

Back in the Summer of 2017, Louisville punk/hardcore bands Belushi Speed Ball & Dick Titty Blood Punch went on tour, and a member of one of the bands decided to make a feature length movie about the experience. On the surface, this premise doesn’t sound all that interesting, especially if you’re not familiar with either of the bands involved.

But director/Belushi Speed Ball member Beau Kaelin didn’t set out to make just another run of the mill music documentary. Of course not, not this guy. If you’re at all familiar with his ongoing YouTube series The SeƱor Diablo Show, you have a hint of the sort of oddball, unconventional approach he takes to creating fantastically fucked up imagery. This ain’t your grandpappie’s tour documentary, I assure you.

The premise isn’t complicated:

In the summer of 2017, two Louisville-based, underground bands – Belushi Speed Ball and Dick Titty Blood Punch – set out on a tour through the back highways of Appalachia. Director Beau Kaelin’s “travel trilogy” (Kora, Bill the Viking and now Tour Movie) comes to a close in this documentary, which captures a bond formed between two groups of musicians that only the road, a shared stage and drinking 24/7 can create.

Tour Movie will be shown at three screenings spread across this Thursday and Friday at Baxter Avenue Theaters. I believe all three shows are sold out, but the movie will soon be available on Blu Ray for sale at the Belushi Speed Ball Bandcamp page. Be sure to follow the Tour Movie Facebook Page for announcements on new showings, how to get your Blu Ray copy, and I’m sure other weird Tour Movie related stuff. As Bruce Wayne once said, “You wanna get nuts? Come on, let’s get nuts!”

Watch the trailer for Tour Movie below:

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