Taken Lives
Vol. II: Fractals

When it comes to heavy fuckin’ music, lately I’ve felt like that plant from Little Shop of Horrors… FEED ME, SEYMOUR! I want it all, man. I’m sitting at the heavy metal buffet, and I am ready for another plate. Thankfully, today’s appetizer comes in the form of a short new EP from Taken Lives called Vol. II: Fractals.

The first track, titled “God Particle” starts off with a relentless pounding section of heavy hitting drums and chugging guitars. I’m thinking Meshuggah, but without the wacky time-signatures that we’ve all grown to love (and sometimes hate) over the years. Speaking of Meshuggah, when the song picks up and the vocals get into full swing, I’m quickly reminded of singer Tomas Haake.

Closing out the EP is “Latchkey Kids” which opens with solo melodramatic piano, quickly converging with the rest of the band as they erupt into the song at the :14 mark. The piano keeps playing, never letting up, making for an intense theatrical listening experience.

After a night of uneven sleep, this EP was a nice energizer to get me off my ass and propel me into a good mood. Thanks Taken Lives! Listen to Vol. II: Fractals on Spotify below.

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