I will never be able to get enough of my favorite Misfits tracks — while I don’t only listen to the Danzig era, I understand that it’s unquestionably the best run that the band has experienced. To get into the Halloween spirit, we’ve been spending time listening to Louisville Babylon II, a celebratory compilation that was released back in 2008 via LIFL featuring hometown bands covering some of the Misfits tracks from that classic era that really get your blood pumping. Released a decade ago back in 2008, we’ve had a lot of fun revisiting this comp lately. It’s cool to get several unique takes on a few of our favorite songs while taking a peak into what was happening in the scene at that time. 

This album is full of gems like the obvious one of Jim James basically doing a Danzig impression on “Hollywood Babylon.” Going into this album I fully expected the Jim James song to be slow and beautiful, but that’s not the direction he went. Kudos to Jim and the rest of My Morning Jacket for having fun with this one. That’s not to say the slow and beautiful tracks on this album aren’t great, both PAJO (David Pajo of Zwan, Slint) and Wax Fang do killer covers respectively. 

My favorite part of this album however is hearing from artist that I almost forgot about. For me, the highlight of this album is Tamara Dearing, who I remember playing shows with and seeing her music pop up pretty often. However, I haven’t seen her name in probably 5-6 years. Her cover of “Hybrid Moments” is the most unique thing on this album and honestly, it just fucking rules. I can’t thank Louisville Is For Lovers enough for preserving these times in Louisville history.

Take a trip down memory lane with Louisville Babylon II below. 

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