Our Mommies Dropped Us Off

Over the weekend, garage punk trio Mosquito quietly released a three-song EP — I only found it while thumbing through the recent releases on Bandcamp. And whoa boy, when it comes to fun-as-fuck slacker rock tunes, Mosquito have the subgenre damn near mastered.

The EP opens up with “Twin Peaks is the Best Band in the World”, an uptempo asskicker led by screeching, yet almost melodic howls and backed by some distorted guitar riffs with just the right amount of dirt on them. Next up is “Red Hot Silly Peppers”, another toe-tapping jam that begs to be listened to at a high volume while driving home from work with the windows down. The added sprinklings of synthesizer are a nice touch.

Closing track “Fidlar On The Roof”opens with a pulsing, slightly distorted bass line that eventually kicks into an upbeat rocker. While I’m not sure what the lyrics are referring to (perhaps an old friend?), for me this song emanates a sense of hope and curiosity leading to a sort of “how’s it all gonna work out” feeling. This is the perfect closer, and probably my favorite of the three songs offered here.

If anything, Mosquito wins the award for best dumb song titles, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously. These guys continue to impress with each release, and this new EP is evidence that they’re just getting started. Highly recommended.

Listen to Our Mommies Dropped Us Off below on Bandcamp:

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