Never Nervous is excited to announce that we plan to release the debut EP from Louisville punk quintet Deady on solid purple cassette. The EP will be available physically and digitally on Friday, September 29.

Deady grew out of an interstate pandemic partnership between Chyppe Crosby (Memory Gloss, Dye Job, Archaeas) and Sam Goblin (Mister Goblin, Two Inch Astronaut). Quickly the group expanded to include drummer KJ Bechtloff (also Memory Gloss) and later bassist Clayton Ray (Future Fossils, Parlour). Finally, vocalist Mandy Keathley (Bummer Club Kid) joined to round out and finalize the band’s lineup and unique sound.

What’s it sound like? Check out the band’s latest single “Uneeda” below via Spotify. As you might expect from the song’s title, the song is a zesty banger about brain eating zombies that boasts clever yet boisterous guitar riffs, intense drumming and fuckin’ killer vocals from front lady Mandy Keathley this band seems to only be getting started with this song and their upcoming release.

Celebrate the release of Deady’s debut EP by coming out to this year’s annual Plunder Over Louisville fest which is set to happen Saturday, September 30 at Mag Bar. The cassette will be for sale at the show, and afterward you’ll find it at all of your favorite record stores around town (as well as on Bandcamp at future Deady shows). There will only be 100 copies of the tape so you’d better shit or get off the proverbial pot.

Check out a video I took of Deady performing “Uneeda” live at The Whirling Tiger this past weekend below.

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