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EP: Shitfire – Shit Genes

The third effort in a series of EPs from trash punk troupe Shitfire continues to build on their momentum with 6 brand new songs. Part of what I love about this band is that while these new tracks are mostly more of the same, each one has it’s own unique charm. The outlier is definitely the closer “Old Time” which clocks in at 5 minutes 6 seconds, and is slower, stripped down diddy driven by a warm accoustic guitar and touches of ethereal noodling.

Listen to Shit Genes below via Spotify.

SINGLE: Jaye Jayle – “Black Diamonds and Bad Apples”

Evan Patterson aka Jaye Jayle has a new record on the way called Don’t Let Your Love Life Get You Down. The first single from the album is called “Black Diamonds and Bad Apples.” The new song sounds like a return to form for Patterson, sounding more like a song you’d listen to while driving through the New Mexico desert, looking for a good place to bury a body. And I like that. A lot.

The album will hit the streets July 14 via Pelagic Records. Preorder is now available here. Listen below via Bandcamp. The song is also streaming on Spotify.

NEWS: Guilt announce reissue of Bardstown Ugly Box on vinyl

You’re probably aware that legendary punk band Guilt are playing a reunion show at Headliners in a couple weeks. What you might not be aware of is the fact that the band plans to release their brilliant 1995 album Bardstown Ugly Box on vinyl via Mind Over Matter Records. Every song has been completely remixed and remastered, and the new 12inch vinyl will also include a bonus 7inch with 2 bonus songs. Hell yeah.

Listen to the remixed/remastered version of “Theta” below via Spotify.

EP: Jupiter Hearts – Jupiter Hearts

Since we’re talking about Guilt’s big reunion show, I figure now is a good time to remind you that Duncan Barlow’s old bandmate Rob Pennington (Endpoint, By The Grace of God) has a new band called Jupiter Hearts based in Charlotte. And speaking of that new band, Jupiter Hearts will be opening the aforementioned show, so this will be a lot of Louisville folks’ first chance to see them live.

Their debut self-titled EP was released last year, but in case you missed it, check it out below via Bandcamp. The EP is also streaming on Spotify.

PODCAST: Dave Palenske from Volcandra joins the Gore Club Podcast to discuss all things Kaiju!

Dave Palenske is the vocalist for black metal band Volcandra, and he fuckin’ LOVES big Japanese monsters. On the latest Gore Club Podcast, he joins hosts Steve, Ace and Death Metal Dave to talk all things kaiju, from the genre’s beginnings to films like Larry Cohen’s Q The Winged Serpent!

Check out the episode below on YouTube. You can also stream it on Spotify or wherever you get your podcasts.

EP: RMLLW2LLZ – 2082 [hip hop]

This guy has been putting out quality hip hop for years, and RMLLW2LLZ‘s latest EP 2082 is no different. His unique deep voice and clever flow are everpresent here, and the vibe is introspective and motivational. Just the kinda pick-me-up I needed.

Listen below via Spotify.

EP: Yezzer – Page of Wands

Before this week, I was totally unaware of bass-driven rock n’ roll band Yezzer. Their new EP kinda took me by surprise, reminding me of a more refined Jeff The Brotherhood. Recorded at La La Land, each song has a warm garage rock feel with slightly distorted vocals and a tight, driving rhythm section. Recommended, for sure.

Listen to Page of Wands below via Bandcamp. The EP is also streaming on Spotify.

NEWS: Virgin Birth announces debut EP titled The Forest

My new industrial synth rock band Virgin Birth is set to release our debut EP The Forest on May 26 via Never Nervous Records. Recommended for fans of Nine Inch Nails, Big Black and KMFDM.

Listen to the first single “Waiting On The Bad Time” below via Spotify.

PLAYLIST: Modern Trash Punk

Here’s a new punk/hardcore playlist I’ve been working on for a little while. The title doesn’t indicate that the songs are “trash” — this is a collection of songs that Linnea Quigley’s character Trash from ROTLD might listen to if she were around today. While the playlist features bands from all over the world, I’m looking to pepper in as many songs from Louisville as possible. Got a suggestion? Send it here.

Check out the playlist below.

SHOW OF THE WEEK: Halfway To Halloween at Mag Bar

Good god, is it already halfway to Halloween? Celebrate the 6 month marker at Mag Bar on Saturday with some loud, rockin’ tunes from Crop, Baptise, Swamp Hawk & Noosebearer. Find out more about the show here.

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