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Welcome to my new weekly series of posts where I mention a bit of news related to Louisville’s music community. A new post with fresh new music will be posted every Friday morning, right here at Never Nervous. The name of the new weekly post — Damn Good Weekly — is admittedly pretty stupid. The name comes from an older guy I worked with years ago that dubbed rock ‘n roll mix tapes while constantly referring to them as his “damn good tapes.” I love that.

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ALBUM: Nmesh – Appearance Settings: Volume 02 (2016​-​2019)

Is Ted Cruz actually the Zodiac Killer? Ponder this question and the demonic Clinton family while blasting the latest release from Nmesh. Titled Appearance Settings: Volume 02 (2016​-​2019), his latest compilation of vaporwave weirdness featuring appearances from Alex Jones. My favorite track is “KSR Reverse Osmosis Hook”. Also, I strongly believe that the closing track “Scammers” is about me.

Listen below via Bandcamp.

MUSIC VIDEO: Shitfire – “In Yr Head”

Louisville’s favorite trash punk band Shitfire is back with a new song and music video. The song is called “In Yr Head” and serves as the first single from their upcoming EP Shit Genes which releases April 21, serving as the follow-up to last year’s fantastic Howdy Bitch EP. The new song fuckin’ rules, and so does the music video which showcases the band in a fun live show environment.

Watch the video below. The song is also streaming on Spotify.

SINGLE: Vyva Melinkolya & Midwife – “Miss America”

Ethereal dream pop artist Vyva Melinkolya has teamed up with New Mexico artist Midwife for an upcoming EP called Orbweaving. The EP is set to be released May 12 on 2 variants of beautiful colored vinyl as well as colored cassette. According to the description on Bandcamp, the new joint effort “combines the best parts of Midwife’s Heaven Metal and Vyva Melinkolya’s sentimental, classic shoegaze in a way that distinctively elevates both artists.”

Listen to “Miss America” below via Bandcamp. The song is also streaming on Spotify.

MUSIC VIDEO: Tyler Lance Walker Gill – “Glamour”

The new music video from honkey tonk all-star Tyler Lance Walker Gill is quite a trip. According to the details on the YouTube page, the people behind this project “made this music video in one day with less than $500 and it shows.” Hell yeah it does, and it’s better for it. The song is great, as you’d expect from TLWG and company. I can’t find the actual song streaming anywhere, but maybe I’m not looking hard enough.

Check out the video below, then listen to the rest of TLWG’s catalogue on Spotify.

ALBUM: BDY DBL – Liteyears Mixtape Side A

Featuring members of defunct indie rock trio Straight A’s, BDY DBL is the new hip hop project from Andrew Padon and Sean Roberts. Their debut album is a 9 track effort titled Liteyears Mixtape Side A. From what I understand, this is the first of 3 releases that the group has planned for 2023. I’m picking up what these two dudes are putting down and looking forward to what comes next.

Listen below via Bandcamp, but the album is also streaming on Spotify.

SINGLE: Isolation Tank Ensemble – “Heliography”

“Heliography” is the first single and title track from Isoloation Tank Ensemble‘s upcoming album, which is set to be released May 26. The track opens with a semi-spastic rhythm kinda reminiscent of Mars Volta, and then settles into a King Crimson-esque groove led with a violin. Instrumental prog fans will dig this, no doubt.

Listen to “Heliography” below via Bandcamp. The track is also streaming on Spotify.

PLAYLIST: Louisville Now has been updated

After abandoning the Louisville Now playlist on Spotify for a few months, I’m starting to add new music again. Let me know if you have any suggestions!

SHOW OF THE WEEKEND: Uh-huh Baby Yeah! with Foxbat & Slum City @ Zanzabar

Uh-huh Baby Yeah is celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their 2013 EP Trash Talk with a party at Zanzabar. Joining the bill are Foxbat and Slum City. Tickets are available for $15 here. For more info, check out the Facebook event page.

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