Divine Lovers

Divine Lovers

Nothing embodies the spirit of the holidays like young love. The kind of love that you can see on a couple’s face. The kind of love that sometimes makes you want to smack them in the face. It’s beautiful, exciting, and sometimes annoying. No matter how annoying you may think it is however, we all know that’s because you want a piece of it. So here are Divine Lovers to give you a piece of it. Feliz navidad y prospero año nuevo.

Read this message from Divine Lovers about this song and video below:

This is an ode to being in love. It plays with the poetic idea that love can take you places you’ve never been before; but it’s also a literal romanticization of being taken by other worldly beings and exploring sights unseen with your dream partner. One day you’re holding hands, skipping across an untamed meadow, lost in earthly bliss; and the next, you’re naked, holding each other, tripping across the galaxy, basking in the sun’s finest afterglows.

Check out the video below:

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