Shitfire Fuck To This

Shitfire Fuck To This

Fuck To This

The debut EP from trash thrash band Shitfire has arrived, and after my first listen, it’s quickly evident that these folks ain’t fuckin’ around. Tallying in at 7 songs at around a minute or two a piece, this effort manages to pack in a hefty jumbo-sized load of quality rock n’ roll in to a the music equivalent of an old Kroger bag.

Fronted by singer Hannah Blakeman, Shitfire’s EP is led by her killer voice and charismatic delivery. As she takes center stage, the band sounds like what you might get if you threw Bully and Amyl & The Sniffers into a dirty blender, then topped it off with some country fried Courtney Love for good measure. Does that make sense? Whatever. They have a killer sound, and that’s all you need to know.

My favorite song on Fuck To This is the closing track “Letting Go” which comes dangerously close to sounding like a Hole B-Side. The band slows down a bit, and the lyrics seem to come from a place of genuine introspect. I also really like uptempo fist-pumpers “Hollywood” and the opening track “3”, a kickass tribute to Dale Earnhardt that ends with the line “I ain’t votin’ for Trump cuz he wants to build a wall and a wall’s what killed Dale Earnhardt.”

Fuck To This is the drunken roundhouse kick to the face that I didn’t know I so badly needed. I know this is a bit early, but I can already tell you that this EP will end up as one of my favorite releases of 2021. Well… don’t just stand there, open your favorite streaming program and put on Shitfire right fuckin’ now!

RIYL: Amyl & The Sniffers, Bully, Hole

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