Keesh Mountain
Fire Talk Records

If Wombo were a food, they’d be a Push Up. Remember those things? The frozen fruit flavored sherbet on a stick that you pushed up through a tube? And Fred Flintstone was on the box for some reason. Yeah, that’s Wombo for you. They may seem like another indie pop band on the surface, but there is an undefinable sugary spin with their approach that separates them from other likeminded groups. There’s a zingy special ingredient that for the life of me I can’t point out. But whatever is in the formula is in full effect on their latest EP Keesh Mountain.

Available now on cassette and soon to be on vinyl, Wombo’s latest effort boasts 4 songs, each of which serving as a different flavor. The production is raw, but tight and professional. But as usual with this band, Sydney Chadwick’s vocals are the main attraction for me. Her range is pretty fucking cool, whether it be her soothing Alvvays-esque singing on “Dreamsickle”. Or even when she’s just rhythmically talking on “Just Like Time”, more of a zany scatterbrained toe-tapper, she’s always on point.

This is my favorite kind of treat to get in the middle of Summer. Keesh Mountain is perfect for warm sunny days in your backyard. Listen to the album while sitting in your blow-up pool. And don’t worry, listening to this won’t give you the dreaded ice cream headache. Actually, I think this record may cure ice cream headaches. But don’t quote me on that.

Listen to Keesh Mountain below via Bandcamp:

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