I guess it’s been a while since the entire planet felt like it aligned for good, but last Thursday was one of those nights. It happened with a private party at Planet of the Tapes accompanied by a surprise announcement from the CDC. What resulted was my first fully vaccinated maskless event to see Tour Movie, which was shot and directed by Beau Kaelin, the man probably most known for creating the Señor Diablo Show.

Tour Movie is movie that documents a tour that Dick Titty Blood Punch and Belushi Speed Ball (both close friends of NN) went on a few years back. The film consists of a collection of fun interviews that were outlandishly edited in a way that might lead one to ask the question, “Did this tour actually happen?” Nobody really remembers what happened but somehow, thanks to solo interviews with band members, Beau is able to piece together something similar to a linear storyline. 

This movie feels like a fever dream with random moments of clarity. My favorite of those moments being when Ryan Bohr responds to the question, “Did you know there are dinosaurs in Chattanooga?” Ryan replied with, “Yea, you’re here you old fuck.” 

The comedy was a welcome relief to me as I found the questions that Tour Movie is asking to be all too real. Why do we even tour anyway? Why be a musician? The answer to these questions is for the memories we make, thus the reason to make the movie in the first place. Nobody has to remember it now, just pop in the blu-ray which is available now online at the Belushi Speed Ball Bandcamp page.

Watch the trailer below for Tour Movie below:

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