Everyone’s favorite bizarro pop band Wombo recently announced a new EP titled Keesh Mountain, which is scheduled to be released digitally on May 28 via Fire Talk Records. The first single from the upcoming release is titled “Dreamsickle”, which like the title suggests, kinda sounds like an audible sugar high after quickly woofing down a musical popsicle from a magical ice cream truck in the sky.

To help get the word out, the band made a cool music video that puts you into a dream-like story with a creepy silent movie aesthetic. It is oddly reminiscent of the classic Smashing Pumpkins music video for “Tonight, Tonight”, but with more of a delightfully nightmarish vibe. The juxtaposition of somewhat unsettling visuals combined with this infectious, upbeat indie pop song works damn well, if don’t mind saying so.

Watch the video below:

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