There were only two things I missed about Never Nervous being gone. The first thing was that I didn’t hear everything that came out locally, and the second was not being able to tell everyone about it when I did. So here we are, and here I am… and if I’m being honest I sort of missed y’all. For the first time in a few years, here is a song that I currently love —“Precious” by Wireworks.

“Precious” isn’t a tune that’s trying to reinvent the post punk wheel, it’s more like the invention of rain tires for it. Yea, we could drive our car before but now it’s easier. Wireworks are a no frills, to the point, post-punk band. Maybe more “punk” than “post” in this song. We still get all the watery guitars from Jake Miller and some classically intense, deep and buttery vocals from David Cundiff, but something seems to be moving them past post punk. I’m looking forward to seeing where they go from here.

Listen to “Precious” on Spotify below. The song is also available on Bandcamp.

EDITOR’S NOTE: Never Nervous plans to announce some exciting news about Wireworks very soon. Stay tuned.

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