Deus Marginalia

Light as a feather, stiff as a fuckin’ bourbon and coke from The Back Door — that’s how the music that Hueón makes me feel. There is an ethereal magic behind each instrumental track that emanates a pleasant feeling of floating through space, but with a strong adult beverage on hand. I’d be willing to bet that Scarlett Johansson’s character from Under The Skin has this record on her space iPod.

Featuring members of defunct Louisville bands such as City of Ghosts, Lee Van Cleef and Siberia, Anamnesis was recorded in an old church. I don’t believe in ghosts or religion or anything like that, but the production and overall vibe on this record is otherworldly, as if it was forged on a higher plane of existence. Or, just maybe these guys are just really good at making extramundane indie rock.

I can’t recommend this enough to fans of cinematic noise-makers like Grails, Tortoise and even Do Make Say Think. Anamnesis is my favorite album to come out of Louisville in 2021 thus far. The album is currently available on Bandcamp; listen to it below, then buy it here.

FAVORITE TRACK: I’m not exaggerating when I say I enjoy every track on Anamnesis, but my personal favorite has got to be “Slow Mourning”. The song opens with a somewhat ominous, cinematic vibe that has me envisioning an old man burying a body in the desert somewhere in New Mexico. It picks up steam a bit, increases the tension, never letting up until the curtains abruptly close. Hell yeah.

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