Quality Cable

Released back in July of this year, I’m not sure how we missed the latest EP from Quality Cable, but as Cheech Marin once said in Ghostbusters 2: “Better late than never.” It’s perplexing to me that somehow, some way I didn’t catch this band’s scent over the past year or so as each of the four songs presented here fit right in my wheelhouse.

Titled Static, this EP has a strong Chairlift-meets-Japanese Breakest vibe with sleek grooves, mesmorizing keys and lush vocals from singer/guitarist Emma Treganowan that go from Sade-smooth to a bordering sassy attitude that I can’t get enough of. The band wears its retro influences on its sleeve as it channels the likes of Donna Summer on the opening track “Smile Back” which’ll have you dancing around an imaginary disco ball while doing the dishes. (I swear, I didn’t do that. Ok, maybe I did.)

My favorite track is “Dielectric”, which opens like a B-Side from Zenyatta Mondatta, then quickly melts into a dreamy pop song airy enough to rest on a cloud. Treganowan’s vocals are the driving force for me here, as well as the record as a whole. She does so much without ever forcing the issue, breathing just enough life into each already-awesome tune.

Listen to Static in its entirety via Bandcamp; it’s also available on Spotify.

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