Nick Dittmeier

Nick Dittmeier

There’s something beautifully dark about Nick Dittmeier‘s video for his latest single “Love Me Like You Did.” The warmth of the suns rays busting through the windows of what looks like it could be a foreclosed home, backlighting a band that sounds as American as a bald eagle bicep tattoo; it’s all so simple and perfect. Sure it looks like a beautiful day, but what’s happened to that house and the family in it? I guess I’ll never know for sure but the song seems to be about remembering the past for being better than it actually was, and I remember a time when people could actually afford houses. 

This song is taken from the band’s upcoming record All Damn Day which is set to be released in the coming weeks. In the meantime, enjoy the video for “Love Me Like You Did” below. 

ALSO THIS: Nick Dittmeier was recently a guest on the Sean Vs. Wild podcast to promote his upcoming record. Check it out here and/or on iTunes, Spotify, etc.

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