We all need our outlets. Not the ones in your walls, I’m talking about the ones for your soul. Some people’s musical outlet are the things that you can pop some psychedelics to and go to another planet, and then there are those that need introspective lyrics. For me, I need music that makes me want to run through a brick wall. If you feel the same, I give you BATWIZARD.

Though I’m not sure what exactly a Batwizard would look like in reality, I can tell you that their album Medustrich is full of brutal riffs and wild energy. What they do best however is not rush things. Songs like “Similar Tentacles” and “Hatchet Teeth” at the beginning of the album set the pace at a driving but not breakneck speed in the vein of bands like High On Fire and early Mastodon

This style of metal is my absolute favorite. Not quite stoner metal, but slow enough that you can roast a marshmallow on the world that’s burning around you (too fast and it will get burnt and crusty!). That being said, “Swordhoarder” is one of the more upbeat songs on the album and it stands out for that reason. It has the gallop feel made famous by bands like Iron Maiden and Deep Purple while incorporating death metal style vocals. Maybe this is what you listen to as you clean up the mess you just made breaking everything in your house? 

Check out Medustrich by BATWIZARD below via Bandcamp and don’t hurt yourself destroying things.

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