Taken Lives God Particle

Taken Lives God Particle

Judging by what I’ve been doing since I’ve been vaccinated, I would say the thing I missed the most during quarantine was karaoke. Maybe it’s just the stage for me, but if you plan your week out right you can hit the stage every night. I don’t usually get as much pleasure out of watching other people do this kind of thing, but dammit I sure as hell did watching Taken Lives karaoke their asses off to their own song throughout their new music video for “God Particle.”

The band’s new video juxtaposes silly beach karaoke with brutal metal/hardcore breakdowns. What’s not to like? Bonus points for the guys in the band not breaking character. No spoilers here, but sticking around to the ending is worth the payoff.

Watch “God Particle” by Taken Lives below:

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