The Laws of Motion

Has Yons become Louisville’s hip hop Karl Malone? The production quality, the song writing, the concepts — he continues to deliver on all fronts. His latest effort, a six song EP titled The Laws of Motion is another fantastic offering of soulful toe-tappers that also features appearances from usual collaborators Otis Junior, 1200 and Jordan Jetson.

I haven’t been paying as much attention to rap in Louisville over the last year or so, but this new EP is the hip hop smelling salt I didn’t know I needed. I woke up completely unaware of this release, but happened to notice someone talking about it on Twitter. As I sat listening to these songs at my desk, the music just made me feel good. The sun was blasting through my window, and my black coffee was in full fucking effect. In tandem I was in store for a perfect storm of serotonin lightning blasts through a tornado of inspirational messages good enough to lift anyone off the mat.

Perhaps what is most admirable about the songs on The Laws of Motion is that they all feel so timeless, but at the same time so cutting edge. That has to be a tough line to walk, considering that hip hop might be the most quickly changing and continuously evolving music genre today. These songs should appeal to young and old hip hop fans alike, as there’s something here for everybody in my opinion. You wanna dance? No problem, this EP has you covered. But you wanna get serious for a minute? Ok, listen to “Inspiration”. But what if you want a Sunday morning banger to listen to with breakfast? “Loco Motives” will help you shake off that hangover in no time.

FAVORITE TRACK: As I mentioned before, every track has an immaculate production quality to it, and there isn’t a dud on this EP. But my personal favorite track has to be “Feel Good”. This song has a higher tempo with a dancier vibe to it, complete with wah wah guitar and Zapp & Roger esque talk box vocals. Lisamrainey adds to the classy vibe with a beautiful backdropping vocal section.

Listen to The Laws of Motion below on Bandcamp:

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