Playlists are fun, right? Who doesn’t enjoy a thematic collection of carefully selected songs that are conveniently ready to be streamed whenever the hell you feel the urge? I’m pretty sure the answer is no one. That’s why we made a playlist to chronicle 50 of our favorite tunes from Louisville bands/artists just for you (and us). Maybe you’ll want to listen to it at your New Year’s Eve party. Or maybe you’ll stream it while doing your daily chores. Whatever, that’s up to you, boss. Just consider this to be an early Christmas gift.

Listen to the playlist below, and be sure to follow it if you feel so inclined. Hopefully you enjoy these homegrown tunes from the year that was as much as we do:

WARNING: This playlist was created using Spotify, so this selection is admittedly very limited. While 2017 has gifted us with heaps of awesome new noise on other platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music, physical only releases, etc.) this seemed to be the easiest, quickest way to put this together. If you don’t use Spotify, I’m sorry. If your favorite Louisville band/artist isn’t represented on this playlist, it’s probably because A.) We haven’t heard it or B.) It ain’t on Spotify or C.) I made this playlist in like an hour. Deal with it.

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