It would be very easy to fall into the natural way of doing things in 2018 and call this song “politically charged.” While it’s true that Sheri Streeter’s new single “Love in the Time of Hate” is directly tied to the murder of activist Heather Heyer at last years “Unite the Right” political rally, this song is moreso about humanity at large. It’s about loving your brothers and sisters and simultaneously being afraid of that love. 

We’ve all lost people who are close to us. Do you ever worry about your grandparents? How much longer will they be with you? How much longer will you be able to call them up and see how they are doing? What if you had to worry this way about your partner? Not because of natural causes, because there are people out there who don’t agree with your way of life. Maybe they don’t agree with the way you look. That makes everyday you step out of your front door a gamble. 

This song is about empathy. It’s about the strength it takes to carry that empathy in your daily life. In this sense, the song is both beautiful and anxiety inducing. Most of all it’s fucking real. This is a snapshot of a feeling that doesn’t just go away, even if sometimes you choose to ignore it. 

Check out “Love in the Time of Hate” below and support Sheri Streeter on her Bandcamp (the song is also streaming on Spotify). You can catch her opening for Satellite Twin and Mutts Saturday 8/18 at Kaiju

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